Weed Wacker

You are ready to rip, but you feel that your shortboard is holding you back. You want a board that is going to hold its rail in over head conditions, but also cut through the weeds when the waves are small. The outline is similar to a traditional shortboard, but the nose and tail width are kicked out a hair. This board utilizes a low entry rocker, allowing you to get into waves earlier and hold your speed down the line. Ride the Weed Wacker 2”-4” shorter than your normal shortboard.

  • Dimensions: 5’7″x19″x2.18″, 5’9″x19.25″x2.18″, 5’11″x19.75″x2.25″
  • Material: PU
  • Fin Set-Up: Tri-Fin (Future)
  • Bottom Contour: Single to double concave
  • Glass: Top-Double 4oz, Bottom-Single 4oz
  • Volume: 5’7″-26.9L, 5’9″-27.7L, 5’11”-29.8L
  • Finish: Sanded
  • Pricing: $385
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