Local Dealers

To purchase a Paragon surfboard, please contact your local dealer to set up an appointment.

San Francisco/Northern CA
Phone: 510-736-0216
Email: noe.paragonsurf@gmail.com

Santa Cruz/Central CA
Phone: 831-234-1338
Email: todd1paragon@gmail.com

Santa Barbara/SLO County
Phone: 805-280-5713
Email: lucparagon@gmail.com

LA/Ventura County
Phone: 818-406-0449

Long Beach/South Bay
Phone: 949-370-3224
Email: lukeparagonsurf@gmail.com

North Orange County
Phone: 714-767-9748
Email: peterLparagon@gmail.com

South Orange County
Phone: 626-422-3073
Email: trevorSparagon@gmail.com

San Diego County
Phone: 760-624-8759
Email: kelvinc.paragon@gmail.com

General Inquiries

telephone: 562-315-8555 email: info@paragonsurfboards.com

Send Us A Message

    We'll never give your email address to anyone and we promise not to send any junk or annoy you. Just good Paragon news that you want to hear.

Become A Dealer

Our goal is to spread the stoke of surfing. If you have the same goal and would like to become a dealer of Paragon Surfboards, please contact us at info@paragonsurfboards.com.