Category: Boards in Action

Our 9’0 Retro Noserider in action.  Watch the video here!

Our new 9’0 Foamy Retro Log in action at Malibu.  Watch the video here!

We tested out a few new board models this past weekend and had a blast.  Watch the video here!

The wind switched onshore, but the nuggets kept coming.  Watch the video here!

Friends, family, and foamies.  Watch the video here!

There’s really nothing better than strong offshores mixed with a combo swell.  Watch the video here.

A few funny moments south of the border.  Watch the video here!

With nothing but a cooler full of Spam and a few sleeping bags, we decided to hop in the mini van and explore the central coast of California.  Watch the video here!

To surf, or not to surf, that is the question! Actually, it’s never the question when you have a Mini Simmons under your arm.  Watch the video here!

We snuck off to Mexico again and had a blast.  Here are some highlights of our quick trip across the border!