Bolsa Bar Comes to Life

After months of sand accumulation, the inside sand bar at the Bolsa Chica State Beach inlet finally came to life.  Although it was small, the novelty factor had us all running to our cars to grab the funkiest boards we could find.  A few highlights below!

a_LineUP_IMG_4237 Jake_IMG_4127 Jake_IMG_4364 Jake_IMG_4011 Jake_IMG_4322

Kacey_IMG_4015 Mackenzie_IMG_4226 Mackenzie_IMG_4307 Mackenzie_IMG_4332 Mackenzie_IMG_4283 Jake_IMG_4016 Timmy_IMG_4382 Timmy_IMG_4183 Timmy_IMG_4396 Timmy_IMG_4414


Josh_IMG_4365Josh_IMG_4366Josh_IMG_4258 Josh_IMG_4390Kacey_IMG_4275 Kacey_IMG_4301Tramel_IMG_4370 Tramel_IMG_4173IMG_4038 IMG_4161 IMG_4166 IMG_4305

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