Mini Log vs. Longboard

Longboards can be great, their length, width, and thickness make them easy to paddle and catch waves as well as get up on. However anyone who has owned a longboard knows what a pain in the ass they can be.  All that foam and fiberglass make them heavy and hard to carry. Just getting your longboard to the beach means you need to have surf racks because they won’t fit in your car. Since the average ceiling is 8’0” tall, any longboard bigger than that can be extremely difficult to store.

The truth is you can get all the benefits of a longboard by riding a smaller version or Mini-Log. Our Mini-Log is still thick and wide, making it easy to catch waves and stand up on.

The Paragon Mini-Log is perfect for someone learning to surf or for a seasoned pro who wants to step down from a bulky traditional longboard.

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